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From Trick-or-Treating to Fighting Crime It Takes a Batman Child Costume To Make It Fun
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Batman Child Costumes

Brave and the Bold Batman Child Costume

  • Your little Batman is here to save the day in his Blue Batman Action suit costume blister set.
  • Includes: printed Jumpsuit, Mask and Cape.
  • Sizing toddler, small, medium and large.
Child Batman Costume
Welcome!   Here you can get your little Batman or Batgirl ready to fight crime and protect and free those that are subject to corrupt leaders.

We provide pictures and links for some of the more popular choices of Batman Costumes for your child, baby and even the dog.

You will be able to choose from styles from the various series of Batman. There are also costumes for his heroine Batgirl.

Customers who have purchased the Batgirl costumes report that their little girls love them.

Your child will love fighting crime in their Batman attire all year long and especially at Halloween.

Pick the costume that works best for your child. For an even larger selection of Batman and Batgirl costumes view the costumes on these secure online sites:

Muscle Chest Batman Child Costume
Child Batgirl Costume
Batman Child Costume for Kids
Bat girl Child Costumes
  • With the Muscle Chest Batman costume your child can pretend he's the caped crusader and defender of Gotham City.
  • Includes Jumpsuit with attached boot tops, mask, cape and belt.
  • Toddler 2-4T for 1-2 years (35-39" Height, 22-24" Waist)
  • Also available in Small (4-6, ages 3-4 years) and Medium (8-10, ages 5-7 years)
  • The boys shouldn't have all the fun. Girls love to fight crime in their Batgirl Costume also.
  • Includes dress with attached cape, boot tops, gauntlets, mask and belt.
  • Available in toddler(2-4T; 1-2 yrs), small(44" to 48" tall; waist 26"), medium(sizes 8-10) and large(sizes 12-14).
  • Based on customer reviews you may want to consider a size larger than you think you need.

Batman Begins Muscle Chest Child Costume
Batman the Brave and the Bold Costume
Batman Costume For Boys
Batman Infant Costume
  • The Dark Knight Deluxe Batman costume features a fun muscle chest built right into the jumpsuit.
  • Suit includes jumpsuit with attached boot tops, headpiece, cape and belt complete the Deluxe Muscle Chest Batman costume for kids.
  • Comes in sizes Toddler, Small, Medium and Large.
  • This Batman costume makes it fun to trick-or-treat on Halloween.
  • Includes PVC mask, jumpsuit printed with Batman The Brave and Bold design, cape and belt.
  • Comes in Smal, Medium and Large sizes.
  • Your son will want to wear his costume all the time

Batman The Dark Knight - The Joker Costume
Pink Batgirl Child Costume
Batman Dark Knight Kids Costumes
Batman Costume for Girls
  • Running wild through Gotham City with a laugh, it's the Joker.
  • Costume includes jacket, printed shirt with vest, tie and mask.
  • Hand wash cold water, line dry.
  • Comes in Small(sizes 4 to 6), Medium(size 8) and Large(size 12) sizes.
  • Here Batgirl is in the pink putting criminals in their place.
  • Costume includes dress with attached cape, belt, glovelets, mask and boot tops.
  • Available in toddler (35"-39" height, 22"-24" waist), small (ages 24 months to 4 years) and X-small.
  • Some customers reported skirt too short but added leggings to resolve.
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History of Batman

The editors of the comic book division of National Publications (future DC Comics) were prompted by the success of Superman in Action Comics to create more superheroes for its titles.  This led Bob Kane to present his idea for a character call 'Batman' to collaborator Bill Finger.
The original sketches of Batman only had a small domino mask.  Bill Finger suggested 'Why not make him look more like a bat and put a hood on him, and take the eyeballs out and just put slits for eyes to make him look more mysterious?' Concerning the original red union suit and the black wings, trunks and mask Bill said that the costume was too bright and then said 'Color it dark gray to make it look more ominous'.

The bat wings that were attached to his arms were changed into a cape, scalloped to look like a bat's wings when he was swinging down a rope or fighting.  They also added gloves so Batman wouldn't leave any fingerprints while carrying out his deeds.

Soon the fictional superhero Batman was born and appeared in Detective Comics #27 in May, 1939.  Since that time Batman has appeared primarily in publications by DC Comics.

He became a very popular character and gained his own comic book title, Batman, in 1940.  As time as gone by many different interpretations of the Batman character have emerged.  There was a Batman TV series in the late 1960s.
After the TV series other creators worked to return Batman to his dark roots which culminated into the 1986 miniseries Batman: The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller.  The 1989 film Batman by Tim Burton and Batman Begins by Christopher Nolan in 2005 helped to reignite the popular interest in this character.

Throughout all the changes Batman's roots are to fight crime.  He is not a crime fighter with superpowers but uses his detective skills, intellect, physical prowess, martial arts skills, wealth, an indomitable will and intimidation to win his war on crime.

In following the Batman series you will no doubt encounter his crime fighting partner Robin and occasionally the heroine Batgirl. His villains that he fights are the Joker, the Riddler, the Penguin, Poison Ivy and Catwoman. 
Batman has a long and interesting history which will continue with the re-launch of Batman Incorporated in 2012.

Today Batman appears on a variety of merchandise which is sold all over the world. You will find many Batman Games for Kids as well as a large variety of toys.

Batman child costumes are worn and loved by kids of all ages; both boys and girls (Batgirl).  It is a popular costume for kids for fighting crime anytime during the year but is especially popular as a Halloween costume. And at Halloween even the baby and the dog want to get in on the act.

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