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The Dark Knight Rises Deluxe Muscle Chest Child Costume
The Dark Knight Rises Light Up Costume

  • The caped crusaer never looked so good than in this light-up Batman Dark Knight Rises costume.
  • Take flight in the night in Batman's cowl, gold-colored utility belt and knee-length cape.
  • This costume includes: Jumpsuit, cape, belt and mask.
  • The Dark Knight Rises Batman Fancy dress Light-up Child Costume comes in Small (4-6), Medium (8-10) and Large (12-14).
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Batman Child Costume Kit
Batman Child Costume Kit
  • Soar out of the cave this Halloween and into the night.
  • The grey Batman polyester t-shirt is cutely printed with chest muscles, plus a yellow Batman emblem and matching utility belt.
  • The Velcro fastening black cape and matching black bat mask complete the look for a real Batman appearance, junior style.
  • This Batman Costume for a child includes Shirt, mask and cape.
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DC Comics Blackest Night Zombie Batman
Robin Infant Costume
DC Comics Blackest Night Deluxe Zombie Batman Child Costume
Robin Infant Batman Costume
  • Your child can step into a great Halloween experience in this outfit.
  • The DC Comics Blackest Night Deluxe Zombie Batman Child Costume transforms him into the ultimate anti-hero.
  • To add to zombie authenticity, the costume features a distorted muscle chest jumpsuit.
  • The gray belt and deliciously scary character mask take the look to a whole new level of terrifying.
  • Includes: Jumpsuit, belt and mask
  • Does not include: Gloves or boots
  • The boy wonder swoops from above, fighting crime as the caped crusader's favorite sidekick! He's fast, He's strong, He's adorable.
  • Complete with a cape for daring rescues and dramatic entrances, your miniature Robin will be the talk of the town.
  • Your boy wonder's super suit is made of 100% polyester for playtime fun.
  • Fits super heros from six to twelve months of age.
  • Costume includes: Jumpsuit, eye mask and cape.
  • Does not include: shoes

Batman Onesie Infant Costume
Robin Child Costume Kit
Batman Onesie Infant Costume
Robin Chld Costume Kit
  • Get lots of oohs and aahs from those who meet your infant in this too-cute Batman Onesie Infant costume.
  • Perfect for Halloween, birthday parties or just any day of the week.
  • This Batman onesie is complete with a large Batman symbol adorning the chest and a just-for-looks utility belt.
  • Includes a matching pair of pants and booties for those dark, chilly nights.
  • The Batman insignia-emblazoned hat with adorable bat ears will stop any criminal in their tracks.
  • Includes: onesie, pants, hat and booties.
  • It's the Caped Crusader's trusty sidekick, the Boy Wonder, Robin.
  • This ultimate Robin disguise comes complete with some impressive pecs and abs, not to mention your very own utility belt.
  • No Robin disguise would be complete without the classic Robin eye mask and cape, both of which are removable.
  • This Robin child costume includes: Shirt, eye mask and cape.
  • Does not include: shorts or shoes.

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Batgirl Toddler Costume
The Dark Knight Rises Batman Costume Kit
Toddler Batgirl Costume
The Dark Knight Rises Batman Child Costume Kit
  • Over the years Batgirl has rescued this metropolis from many a villain and your little girl will look darn good doing the same in this costume on Halloween.
  • This costume's shiny faux black leather finish will make any toddler girl feel cool, confident and ready to take on the world.
  • Batgirl's black dress has the yellow Batman logo on the front and a wide yellow belt.
  • The matching black cape adds a hint of intrigue. Shiny black boot tops match the dress for a seamless look.
  • Black gauntlets and an impressive black mask complete the outfit.
  • Includes: Dress, belt, boot tops, black cape, bat mask and matching gauntlets.
  • Your min Batman will be all ready to burst out for some action and adventure on Halloween dressed in this The Dark Knight Rises Batman Child Costume Kit.
  • This kit includes a pitch black mask and cape so your superhero can blend into the night.
  • The black flowing cape can be worn over anything and transforms any outfit into a superhero costume.
  • The black molded mask has Batman's signature pointy ears and furrowed brow, with large eye holes so little Batman can sneak around safely and stealthily.
  • The Dark Knight Rises Batman child costume kit includes cape and mask.
  • This is an officially licensed The Dark Knight Rises costume.

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